September is one of my favorite months and I get excited year after year at this time. Why you ask, well, because  my art shows are about to begin again. I paint alone mainly and aside from the interaction on social media and occasional studio visits, my art does not see the light of  day too much. That being said, I really look forward to these exhibits, not only to find them new and loving homes but to see the reaction and hear the stories as the art relates to you.  I love hearing friends/collectors/art-lovers say that they saw it online, but they had no idea…that it was so textured, bright, huge, sad, purple, etc. As you may already know, my art show schedule is planned almost a year out so at this point all the shows are booked and I’m ready to go. This fall season I had been particularly excited because I was asked to be the poster artist for 2 shows. Well, last week, I received an email from the art director of another show I was already participating in asking if I would be the poster artist for a third show. How many times can I say excited in one email. I’m not sure, but that was the last time I’ll use it in this post. The art they chose is the mixed media piece shown below, “Realizations”.  I originally titled this piece “realizations & journeying” without even realizing the reference to one of my earlier pieces….”the Journey”…. so I shortened it.  As always, I had things going on here but would rather you see what you see and feel what you feel. Know what I mean?

"Realizations" 24X36" Mixed Media

“Realizations” 24X36″ Mixed Media
2014 Osceola Fall Art Festival Poster

Oh yeah, the art show is the Osceola Fall Art Festival and you can find all the information online here:

The dates of the show are November 15th & 16th and it is located in downtown Kissimmee. I will be pre-signing a limited edition print set of “Realizations” as well. Please send all purchase inquiries to