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5 Benefits to owning original art

1. Art makes you happy! Studies have shown that being around art can improve your overall health & happiness. Try sitting in a room all day with white walls and nothing on them. Then, try sitting in the same room with art displayed. It’s true.

"There was no vacuum at your house"


2. You are supporting the arts and all things handmade. More often than not, in today’s world, so much of the things we have are made from machines. I love something tangible that I can see and feel and know that someone else made somewhere, sometime, maybe a long time ago, and maybe yesterday. It’s like, the good side of materialism. It’s just so special and one of a kind. Little nuances in hand-made items that can never be re-created. I love that.

Love, Period


3. Your room will thank you (and your guests). Art & Design go together. Flip through any interior design catalogue or google search and there is almost always art in the room. It’s an integral design element. A space can be totally transformed by art alone. Sometimes, the painting can be the whole starting point of design, creating exactly the mood and energy that you want to fill your space. As an artist, I personally move the work I own from other artists around my home and it’s amazing how art can really make you feel a certain way.

collector home


4. It’s a good investment. Pieces of original art increase in value over time (and you can appreciate in other ways every day)




5. It inspires you and others! Makes you more conscientious and often helps you to be more creative in more ways than one.




I’m sure there are many others but these are my top 5. Could you imagine life without art? Also, if there are any that I missed I’d love to hear your thoughts.





  1. Art shows the creative side in the artist as well as the collectors.

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