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by Erika Barker Photography

by Erika Barker Photography


Renee is a Florida native, working and travelling in juried art shows throughout the southeast. Largely inspired by nature and the spiritual side of things, her pieces reflect the emotional state of being through paintings of forests, trees, and water as felt and re-told by her. In 2012, the Polk Museum of Art selected her work to be the poster artist for the Mayfaire Art Show, where she also won an award. Later that year, she was also the recipient of Two “Best of Show” awards within the state of Florida. She is currently working on a dream-based mixed media series. It describes our past and future, blending  text and layers of paint. Her art is calming and reflective….a place we all can go. She currently travels the southeast exhibiting in fine art shows selling her work while competing for awards.  Her work can also be seen online via Facebook. Visit Instagram and to see glimpses of her inspiration, need for art, and personal voice.

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  1. An artist as beautiful as her work, one of a kind, I am beyond proud of you.

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